About Us

Why is I-SSG School of Motoring a Well-known Driving School?

I-SSG School of Motoring is among the greatest and professional driving schools in the Dublin, Kildare and Meath areas. They have been operating for almost 2 decades, dedicated to guide and enable folks of all ages to take pleasure from the freedom of independent driving.

We have hired extremely knowledgeable instructors who teach driving lessons to the students efficiently. The overall record of our students in the driving tests is labeled to be in the above average passing level. All of these are enough for us to guarantee students that we can transform them into excellent drivers.

1 car:1 student rule is available in I-SSG School of Motoring. The school has also designed lessons with the aim of understanding and at the same time developing each student’s capability. They wish nothing but your success in the driving field.

Our highly qualified ADI Fetac level 6 male and female instructors have given I-SSG School of Motoring a constant 98% pass rate in all test centers covered.

First-timers have the 67% assurance of passing the driving exam. It has to do with the practice of our mock test.

Give yourself the best instructor, the best tuition and the best chance of success first time. Enroll yourself in their driving lessons now.